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About us
North-On-Wheels is a Portuguese agency based in Porto, Portugal. It focus its activity in personalized and custom made holidays. More than an agency, North-On-Wheels is a team of consultants and travel experts, specialized in the North region of this beautiful country.  The agency is a complementary concept in a family involved in several activities related to tourism, the InPatio GuestHouse in Porto, Quinta da Massôrra in Resende (Douro) and also Alter-Nativ Brésil.
The agency was founded with the idea of offering authentic itineraries for travelers who wish to avoid mass tourism and discover local people and the amazing treasures that this Portuguese region has to offer.

Pedro Cardoso

Born in Porto, I graduated as an engineer.

My father's family is from Resende in the Douro region where we have a small wine estate that also produces cherries. After my marriage I was responsible for a Vinho Verde wine estate in the north of Portugal.
My parents have also a house at Torreira in the Aveiro region. It is a wonderfull place where we use to spend our summer hollidays.
Besides nature and agriculture, one of my passions has always been to discover people and places that now I want to share with you.

North-On-Wheels Van

This is your ride, we love it and you will also love it. It provides space, comfort and security in a luxury environment 🙂

Pedro Cardoso
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